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Q. Can you define who you are ?
A. Wiredmoney LLC is one of the largest global private financial firm. In addition to its main business activity of private banking. Wiredmoney LLC is also active in the fields of S.W.I.F.T Instruments, Bloomberg Terminal Screen, Clearstream Luxembourg, Euroclear, DTCC SEPA, TARGETS2,EBICS Transactions and as well as all other standard banking operations.

Q. Are your SWIFTs transmitted from real banks?
A. Yes. Our SWIFTs is been transmitted from a real Bank that has access and approval into the SWIFT system

Q. Can I pay the transmission/logistic fee after I close my deal?
A. NO. you have to make payment fees before SWIFT instrument are been transmitted to your chosen receiver's bank

Q. Do you work with Brokers?
A. Absolutely. Honest and Sincere Brokers are always welcome and bring value to the deal.

Q. Will Brokers be paid?
A. Yes. Brokers are paid up to between 2.5% Commission on Every Deal

Q. Do you provide hard money loans?
A. No we don't



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Are your SWIFTs transmitted from real banks?

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